What is Boho? – Bohemian Fashion with romantic flair

Comfortable cut, romantic dresses and colorful accessories… That’s boho, that’s romanticism!

Failing romantic dresses and relaxed cuts paired with designer jewelry and sandals: in just a few steps, the boho style is complete. It often does not take more to create the unique feeling of life, which is more popular than ever before, especially in summer…

But what is boho anyway?

The term “boho” derives from the term bohemian, which actually describes intellectuals, such as artists, poets or actors, who strive for self-realization and distinguish themselves from conventionality.

The Hippie-culture of the 1970s also had a major influence on the style of clothing. Especially the playful patterns and decorations date back to this time. The bohemian is not an aesthetic-critical category, but a social-historical category.

More than just clothes – “Boho” conquers other areas of life

Relaxed atmosphere with bright colors, oriental details and comfortable accessories…

Nowadays, Boho is no longer just focused on garments. In recent years, the style has spread to many different areas of life. The furnishing industry in particular is currently experiencing a real revolution… Because every room can now be set up “bohemian”.

Instead of a normal wedding ceremony, many couples today even celebrate real boho weddings. This includes, of course, both the boho wedding dress as well as boho jewelry and event decoration.

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