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From the optimization and control of internal purchasing processes in your company or agency to the outsourcing of the entire textile purchasing process, Lia & Saora is at your side as a competent partner.

We advise you on all questions of modern fashion production.

From development to assembly, our focus is on objects that require technical know-how and creative thinking. We always hold all the threads of the production process in hand for you and ensure a perfect process. CREATIVE PRODUCTION means for us to make the impossible possible and to find a solution for the maximum outcome.

From the design to the choice of materials, cost research, supplier selection and customization. We have you covered.

Our strengths are product research, product optimization, worldwide textile sourcing or a tailor on site.

With our expertise you are on the safe side. We have a long year experience and network in quality assurance processes and deliver the quality you want.

We accompany you and your company from the selection of suppliers to the completed order.

There is always a way. Often it is the one with the least resistance, but it is rarely the best. As a production agency, we know that the course determines where you end up.

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Our Services

The services provided by Lia & Saora ranges from advice and the handling of production tasks to the complex development and creation of advertising material, production research or production development.

Within these processes, we take control of the following areas:

Fashion Management

Choice of Materials

Cost Research / Supplier Selection



Process Optimization

Product Research

Product Optimization

Worldwide Textile Sourcing

Tailor on Site


Digital Print


Product Development

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    Our customers and cooperation partners appreciate us for accurate information, high results and on time delivery. 

    “It makes me happy to create garments, which I know people will love and wear with joy.”

    Sevasti V. Chatzisavva, CEO Co-Founder

    “Art is my passion and I enjoy incorporating my many years of business know-how into our company.”

    Hasan Celik, Co-Founder

    Produce your own collection

    From Casual to Sports Wear, and from Event to Functional Wear. Lia & Saora is your competent partner for product development and all question around modern fashion production. Our focus are products of highest quality  standards on the market and maximal comfort and sustainability, in both producing and wearing.

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    We are cooperating with young brands and start-ups who are new to fashion or launching their first own products. In some cases we cooperate with them in Marketing and Sales. It doesn’t matter if you already have your own products or just starting of. Here you can apply to cooperate with us.

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