The boho style: 3 steps to a bohemian outfit

The hippie style of the 70s was never as popular as it is today. Fashionable women everywhere love this style because it can be very uncomplicated and yet very special. Less work, but still striking. But how to create the perfect Bohemian outfit? In 3 Steps to the Perfect Boho-Style Outfit Step 1: The Top […]

What is Boho? – Bohemian Fashion with romantic flair

Failing romantic dresses and relaxed cuts paired with designer jewelry and sandals: in just a few steps, the boho style is complete. It often does not take more to create the unique feeling of life, which is more popular than ever before, especially in summer… But what is boho anyway? The term “boho” derives from […]

Boho chic: a unique combination of bohemian & fashion!

Boho-Chic stands for a unique combination of casualness and elegance. Because here elements from the hippie era or the 1970s as well as from modern fashion are combined. We at Lia & Saora have put our focus on first-class fashion pieces that we combine with a bohemian touch… This is what characterizes Lia & Saora’s […]

Lia & Saora
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