Boho chic: a unique combination of bohemian & fashion!

Elegance + nonchalance = a unique attitude to life!

Boho-Chic stands for a unique combination of casualness and elegance. Because here elements from the hippie era or the 1970s as well as from modern fashion are combined. We at Lia & Saora have put our focus on first-class fashion pieces that we combine with a bohemian touch…

This is what characterizes Lia & Saora’s boho-chic

The Bohemian style is actually about wide cuts, tunics, and colorful patterns. Our collections, on the other hand, are primarily oriented towards simple and elegant fashion, which are combined with elements of boho-chic to create new design worlds.

This mix comes into its own when we combine straight cuts with wild patterns and lace. What cannot be overlooked in our designs, however: the wide cuts and the flare. Here we let ourselves be carried away by the unique magic of the hippie culture…

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