Silk Satin Body with Lace


For an elegant summer look: This playful bodysuit of lace and shiny silk satin represents the elegance and romance in every look. With its V-shaped neckline and floral lace sleeves, it exudes a glamorous Boho flair and showcases every décolletage. The transition from lace to shiny satin is fluid and gives a romantic touch. It moulds itself to every figure and flatters the body. Thus, it becomes the highlight of every location.

Material description: 100% cotton, GOTS-certified

Workmanship: turned over lining

Our LIA & SAORA models from the 2020 summer collection are designed and sustainably manufactured in Germany. They are made of GOTS-certified and 100% cotton satin as well as green label lace from Italy. Silk satin mix. In our design we combine moderninty with a touch of Bohemian romance.

Sizing Guide
Lia & Saora
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